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鋼琴的壽命和哪些因素有關呢?What effects the longevity of the piano?
瀏覽: 發布日期:2019-05-15


There are different versions of the piano's "life span," and they vary widely. This is because different people have different feelings and perspectives on the piano, so they will have different opinions. Piano is like a person, whose ultimate life span can be as long as 100 years.


鋼琴的壽命和哪些因素有關呢?What effects the longevity of the piano?



     New piano is like a child and need to adapt to the environment, some changes are normal phenomenon need "parents" and "doctors" to care, and, three or five years later if not excessive use is more stable, 40 or 50 years under the premise of normal maintenance and repair will not have any big problems.



      Wait for a piano to enter "old age" condition, as a result of a variety of reasons such as component ageing, wear, bug eat by moth, the problem rises gradually, right now attune lawyer is also helpless, this is like an old person, the doctor can make a diagnosis and treat ill state, but cannot cure its consenescence radical however.



      The difference is that the piano can be in many ways to "rejuvenate", such as changing the keyboard, the action or even changing the string line sound board, but because of the age of the old structure, the overall aging problem is more difficult to recover.



      How long the life of a piano depends on its material aging, functional degradation, structural obsolescence and other factors. Although the piano can be used for one hundred years according to the above conditions, its life is quite different due to many factors.


  一、 制造質量  Manufacturing quality


     Worse quality pianos lose their use after only twenty or thirty years. But a good piano can last a long time.


  二、環境因素  Environmental factors


     The high - grade piano has a long life, while the popular piano has a relatively short life. This is because of the poor condition of the primary and secondary schools and ordinary families that buy low-grade pianos. They also neglect the management of the pianos and do not even want to spend the cost of maintenance. And the customers who buy the advanced piano, living conditions are better, can carry out maintenance on time, in addition to the superior qin material selection, exquisite technology, so it can last a long life.


  三、使用因素  The factor of using


     Many items are more likely to be damaged if they are "discarded or not used". As far as the piano is concerned, it is "overused", which is much faster than not damaged. The requirements on the piano are also quite different from the purpose of use.



     Demanding concert use of the piano, the more frequent use of the case, about 20 years should be renewed. But these are not lost use value, it can be "retired" to second-rate theater, or school, family, if not overuse can still be used for decades.



     In some art colleges and universities, the use rate of the piano is very high. After more than ten or twenty years, the parts wear out seriously. Under the condition of correct maintenance and component replacement, the piano can still be used for twenty or thirty years.



     In the family, senior piano teacher or high level students, piano utilization rate is also high, in the long time of everyday use, although often for maintenance or parts for replacement, but gradually the decrease of the keyboard sensitive, comfort, sound also can appear "light and thin" of the characteristics of the old piano, although the new hammer head will ease, but the soundboard aging is inevitable; In the general non-piano professional teachers or music workers to use the piano in the normal circumstances, the use of 30, 40 years will not be a big problem.


  四、保養因素  Maintenance factors


     Piano is different from home appliances, home appliances use to spend electricity, piano use to spend tuning maintenance costs.



      Piano tuning can ensure the intonation of the piano and provide the players with appropriate timbre. Therefore, when using the piano, attention should be paid to its maintenance in tuning maintenance to make the piano playing more sensitive, more comfortable and more flexible.